BMO Consulting is an advisory group emerging from the blog, Big Men On Content.  The blog was created based on the debate between vendor strategy and customer direction.  We look at the ECM Landscape from both the customer and vendor perspective.  That core belief is the foundation of BMO Consulting.

The Team


Marko Sillanpaa, Founder

Marko has been in the content management space since 1998.  He is co-founder of the blog Big Men On Content and is a monthly contributor to Document Strategy Media.

Marko was the Director of Product Strategy at Documentum, Enterprise Advisor at Hyland OnBase, and the Director of Global Services at TraDOS.  He has also worked as a consultant for CSC, Accenture and regional system integrators. Marko’s focus is on the broader content management ecosystem between vendors, customers and partners.  He holds AIIM’s ECM and Social Media Governance Practitioner certifications as well as vendor certifications.

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