Today, enterprises are changing the way they use content and view Enterprise Content Management. The rift between solutions and platforms is widening. While each approach is very different, they both look to solve the same problem with the same requirements. Concepts like information governance and content security remain critical. Navigating this rift requires experience.

BMO Consulting is an advisory group emerging from the blog, Big Men On Content.  We look at the ECM Landscape from both the customer and vendor perspective.

The Team


Marko Sillanpaa, Founder

Just saying 18-years of experience in enterprise content management is not enough. Marko started in ECM before the term existed. He worked in enterprise document management developing solutions to manage large collections of regulatory documents. He was the first person at Documentum to develop a web content management solution back in 1998 and was a key member of the team during its transition into WCM and ultimately ECM. He supported acquisition strategies around digital assets management, records management, collaboration, imaging, and report generation. He’s developed partner strategies and business plans for various ancillary ECM technology vendors.

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